T/T means telegraphic transfer, or simply wire transfer. It’s the simplest and easiest payment method to use.

T/T payment in advance is usually used when the sample and small quantity shipments are transported by air. The reason why that is a document like air waybill, commercial invoice, and packing list will be sent to you along with the shipment by the same plane. As soon as the shipment arrives, you can clear the customs and pick up the goods with the documents. As it’s acknowledged, T/T payment in advance presents a risk to the importer if the supplier is not an honest one.

For us, T/T advance payment is required for some high-value vehicles and small quantity order shipped by air.

It takes 3-4 days for us to received the wire transfer made from anywhere in the world.


An irrevocable Letter of Credit is also an often used payment method. It is often referred to an L/C. Letters of Credit are formal payment methods that offer a lot of protection to the parties.

Simply put, a letter of credit is a letter written by the importer’s bank to the exporter. It verifies that the payment will be guaranteed when the bank is presented with the concrete documents (bill of lading, and freight documents). Most letters of credit are “irrevocable” once the importer has had them sent.

A letter of credit usually includes applicant (you, the importer), beneficiary (our I/E agent), opening bank, negotiating bank, specification and quantity of the goods, amount of money, loading port and destination port, shipment date, the validity date of the L/C, terms, and conditions agreed by both the importer and seller, and the documents required by the importers (bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, insurance certificate, etc.)

The L/C payment procedure is usually as follows :

  • You (the importer) applies to open the L/C to us (the seller) through a bank who can open the L/C in your country.
  • The opening bank will inform our bank that the L/C has been opened.
  • Our bank will inform us that the L/C has been established.
  • We’ll check all the terms and conditions listed in the L/C. If all terms and conditions are acceptable, we’ll arrange the shipment within the time specified in the L/C.
  • After the goods are loaded onto the ship without any damage, the captain will issue the clean bill of lading to us.
  • We will submit the clean bill of lading and other relevant documents to our bank to gather the payment. Only with clean bill of lading can you claim the ownership of the goods.
  • Our bank will send the clean bill of lading and relevant documents to your bank (the opening bank).
  • The opening bank will inform you that all documents are received.
  • You will go to the bank to make the payment to get the clean bill of lading and relevant documents.
  • With all of these documents, you can clear the import Customs and pick up the goods after the goods arrive at the destination seaport.

L/C is used for the larger quantity order shipped by sea.

The typical L/C scenario takes 14-21 days to complete.


You have an option to pay Cash for your purchase at Raseal Motors.


We do accept debit/credit card payments from all major banks in our showroom. Beyond convenience, responsible use of a debit/credit card can be a safe and easy way to transfer your payment.